English 103: Writing Portfolio

Mid-term Introduction

            The blog posts in my portfolio are responses to the reading that we had to do for this class.  I chose these two certain blog posts because I felt that they were my most effective entries.  When I describe these posts as effective I simply mean that they contained hyperlinks and other uses of my resources to inform my readers.  An example of this would be the pictures that I included to keep the viewer’s attention.  In the first post I was able to relate to the topic of the reading assignment because of a related movie I have seen, which allowed me to give an adequate response.  The second entry was created in order to help us when typing our Definition Essay.  I felt like I was able to express myself through the personal testimony and allusion that I had to blog about, which resulted in a great entry.

            The in-class writings are answers to the questions our professor gives us to type about on discussion board.  I chose these two writings because I felt like they were the only ones that I truly came out and voiced my opinion on the subjects.  With voicing my opinion came elaboration and examples from the readings that we were assigned, therefore making these the most qualified in-class writing entries.  The first writing was about an article that I had beliefs similar to the author’s on creating rough drafts, so I was able to relate well with this topic.  The second entry was based off of reading from our book about visual arguments, and because I learned some new terms I was able to give lots of details in this writing assignment.

             I had to make several revisions in both of our papers that we have written so far this year.  In my first paper I had to think of a more creative and audience grabbing title because I used, “Visual Literacy Narrative,” as the title for my rough draft.  I also had to add supportive examples to a statement that I made in the body of my explanation.  I had to state the examples at this point in the essay even though I went on to talk about them in a later paragraph.  Also with every paper I write I will have grammar and mechanical errors that I will have to go back and fix.  My second paper was more independently edited so the revisions weren’t as extensive.  However, I made a ton of grammar, spelling, and mechanical revisions on this paper.  I also spent a lot of time fixing quotations and sentence structure in my essay.  Along with these corrections I had to revise the conclusion of my essay.  I had the thesis of my paper restated in my conclusion, but I removed it because it gave a repetitive feel to the essay.

            Revisions will always improve your writing.  My first paper now has a more interesting title, which will appeal to the reader.  Also by adding the supportive examples into the body of my explanation I have gained more creditability, which will have a good affect on my audience’s opinion of my paper.  After making sentence structure revisions, my second paper is now easier for the reader to understand because it flows smoothly.  Also the reader will better understand who said what in the quotations that I use to back up my argument in this essay.  The revisions I made in the conclusion of the second paper will also keep the reader’s attention, so their mind doesn’t wonder.  If it weren’t for the grammar, spelling, and mechanical revisions in both of these papers the reader wouldn’t be able to clearer depict the message I am trying to portray.

            I feel that every year that I participate in an English class I become a better writer.  I feel this way because each year the assignments get a little more difficult, but I manage to take something from each one that I will carry with me throughout my writing days.  This year I feel like I have learned how to elaborate on the topic that I am writing about.  So far I have been forced to write longer papers, so in order to fulfill the assignment I must give more details about the topic.  Similar to elaboration, I have improved my ability to provide supporting details on a point in my writing.  I learned this from my explanation that I created for my Visual Literacy Narrative.  Proof of my writing improving is the fact that for the Definition Essay I was able to edit and revise my paper by myself.  I also feel that I have improved as a writer from the in-class writing entries.  These entries have made me sit down and express my thoughts in a short period of time, which carries over to my writing and helps me get my thoughts on the paper.

           So far this semester I have enjoyed myself as being a reader and a writer.  I like the fact that this class uses technology and applications that would be practical in the real world.  I never realized how English could be involved with such practical things such as blogging, PowerPoint, and multimedia production.  I have enjoyed reading on all of these subjects and then applying the things that I have learned into my writing.  To be honest, like a well-written essay this class keeps my attention, which will allow me to continue to improve as a reader and a writer in the upcoming semester.